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How powerful is TikTok abroad?

In the United States, "Little Famous" often corresponds to Instagram big V, TV reality show, Youtube head creator, beauty queen, and intermediate athletes.

In the past two years, a new group has squeezed into the ranks-they are TikTok influencers.

Haili is one of the TikTok influencers. Like most TikTok influencers, she is a teenager but she already has hundreds of thousands of fans. Such a result is not conspicuous on TikTok, and it is not even able to make Hailey among the top 50 creators.

Haili is recording a short video of TikTok; source: Vox

But Haili's friends are very envious of her having a good "career": on a high-traffic platform, by showing her daily life and talents, getting attention, and thus getting a good income.

At first, the American middle class was not optimistic about this popular short-music video software, and it was even a bit offensive. When they reacted, TikTok swept the streets of the United States in an unstoppable manner.

All this is beyond imagination, it took only one year and four months.

Appeared in scolding

In August 2018, a short video product that was once named Musical.ly was reinvented and re-entered the US market under another name, TikTok.

Musical.ly, a 15-second short video software that focuses on music elements, officially entered the US market in 2014. At that time, the short video product of the American fire was Vine, which was acquired by Twitter in 2012. It is characterized by encouraging users to use 6 seconds to shoot and record their lives. In 2016, Twitter decided to shut down Vine as public interest shifted to streaming platforms focused on long videos.

This move gave Musical.ly an excellent opportunity to seize the short video market.

Different from Vine's focus on short video content originality, Musical.ly promotes a new method of playing: bringing users to "mouth shape" and "limb performance" to restore the popular music works. This gameplay has a low threshold, is novel, and is easy to create interactive effects in the user's social circle. In 2016, Musical.ly downloaded 70 million in the United States.

A year later, Musical.ly topped the US App Store overall ranking, with about 240 million registered users worldwide.

Musical.ly's eye-catching performance has always been seen in the eyes. The company borrowed from the format of Musical.ly and launched the domestic short video trend product-Douyin.

Byte-beating ambitions never stop in the domestic market.

On November 10, 2017, Byte Beat completed the largest acquisition in its history, buying Musical.ly for up to $ 1 billion. After the acquisition, Byte Beat merged the international version of Douyin previously launched in Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea with Musical.ly into a unified TikTok.

Tiktok merges with Musical.ly

However, when TikTok came out in the United States in 2018, it faced a scolding.

Without waiting for the release of the first TikTok short video, the entire American society is waiting to see its disastrous end.

"In this short video, I saw a lot of children around the age of 12, singing some vulgar pop songs to the mouth shape, trying to make myself look sexy." Rebecca is a reporter for Vox, the new American media In a report on Musical.ly, she wrote that TikTok is very similar to Musical.ly and does not change the soup.

It turned out that there are many social problems hidden behind Musical.ly's high popularity.

Public opinion has criticized Musical.ly for endangering the personal safety of young people on the Internet: The operator has not strictly checked the age of users, and the requirement for registration to be 13 years old and above is useless. Many junior and senior high school girls, because they accidentally disclosed their personal information on Musical.ly, were subjected to online sexual harassment, and a few illegal elements induced the girls to meet offline for violations. After the case became public, it attracted a lot of public voice.

In such a social environment, TikTok, which should be struggling, is still on fire-it is the kind of fire that is ridiculous and ridiculous.

"Unsurprisingly, TikTok is full of teenagers who show off their looks and their worth. This is not bad. There are a lot of short video content of pedophilia old people and girls, and some exaggerated and uncomfortable strange content. Rebecca described this. Many well-known Youtuber stated on their channel that they were boycotting TikTok. A short video with more than 3 million views was titled "TikTok must be closed."

Youtube popular bloggers release short videos, criticizing Tiktok for low quality content; source: Youtube

Just when everyone thought TikTok would automatically withdraw from the North American market, the story was once again reversed.

In just one month, the scolding waned. This short video product has taken the nation by storm at an unprecedented speed.

"I don't know what's going on. From the fall of 2018, I often open TikTok, and it takes a few hours to see it. I can't stop." Rebecca found that TikTok's style of painting was abrupt, and some really talented and thoughtful , And the humorous creators dominate the mainstream, and they post amazing content.

What attracted the mainstream American media again was not the short video content itself, but the amazing download volume of TikTok. In September 2018, TikTok's downloads topped Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat. In February 2019, its global cumulative downloads exceeded one billion.

At this moment, Hayley's short video "Song of Ex-Girlfriend" became angry on TikTok.

Mixed with black humorous self-mockery, she said that she looks like a rough male singer, Booz Malone, who is born unruly and unable to achieve the "girl's nails must be perfect at all times" required by men. Netizens in the comment area laughed and praised her for being unpretentious and lacking a professional comedian's shelf.

Booz Malone

"Find out what makes you unique from others, and present it with a short video." This is a cheat sheet summarized by Haili, and it is also what TikTok means to users.

TitTok is like sitting on a rocket

TikTok in 2019 is like sitting on a rocket.

According to a report from Sensor Tower, a global app authoritative data company, in the four quarters of 2019, in addition to TikTok's fall in the top three in the second quarter, the remaining three quarters were ranked in the "World's Most Downloaded App List" The top three, this list combines Apple and Google App Stores around the world. In the separate data list of the Apple Store, TikTok ranked first in the "World's Most Downloaded App List" in the first, third and fourth quarters of 2019.

In addition to dazzling data, TikTok is also diving into various areas of American society in a variety of ways.

Even the Washington Post, which has always been serious, is getting hilarious.

As one of the largest and oldest traditional media in the United States, the Washington Post is world-renowned for revealing Watergate events in the 1970s, and its team of journalists has won the Pulitzer Prize 18 times.

It's such a big media that turns the TikTok account into a tidbits room of its own newsroom: Usually dignified reporters become comedians and broadcast the news cheerfully; there are magical street interviews with teenagers, they said, The post of the editor-in-chief of the Post is printed on the T-shirt. That T-shirt is worth only one cent. At the same time, the story behind the news production is also passed on to the American public through TikTok.

It is really effective to please young audiences in this way.

On Christmas Day, the editor-in-chief of the Washington Post completely let go of himself, and cosplay became a Christmas elf playing treasure in the office. The short videos attracted numerous fans as soon as TikTok was issued. While watching the excitement, everyone also found the post link on the editor's clothes, admiring such marketing methods.

On the other side, TikTok, like Douyin, has a magic power to create a "brainwashing magic".

Lil Nas X is now a rapper. At the end of his freshman year, he ignored his parents' persuasion and insisted on dropping out of school to become a full-time rapper.

He was struggling at the time and had no resources. In a small studio, he completed the recording of the song "Old Town Road". Lear Nass X never expected that this song would be played more than 67 million times on TikTok, and even topped the Billboard Hot 100 list for 18 weeks.

"This song started in 2018, but didn't get a lot of attention. Until 2019, I put it on TikTok, and set the public free access right, and it exploded all at once." Lil Nass · X said that watching millions of people use their songs as the background sound to make all kinds of short videos is a magical and fulfilling thing.

Since then, the music industry gods have thrown olive branches at Lil Nas X in hopes of recording the remix version (mixed cut version) of "Old Town Road" with him, and Columbia Records signed him in one fell swoop.

Lil Nas X is not the only winner, nor is it the biggest winner.

TikTok proves one thing to the world: it is not just a short video platform for mouth-shaped fake singing, handsome guys and beautiful women dancing with music, it can also provide musicians with shortcuts to the world.

The success of Lil Nas X is not an exception. Many dislikes such as "Dissolve", "Slow Dancing in the Dark", "Roxanne", and "My Oh My" have been proved by TikTok. ability.

"The song" Old Town Road "does not have much direct income on TikTok. It is more like a publicity window to connect the world. After the fire here, there will be more and better resources to come to the door. . "Lil Nas X said, and he and TikTok made each other.

TikTok's global war

TikTok's rapid growth has already touched the interests of Facebook, the top player in the international market.

A duel between the old overlord and the new powerhouse was staged immediately.

As a global social product, Facebook has always been firmly in the top spot in the world. When it acquired WhatsApp (the international prototype of WeChat) and Instagram, two social explosive products, the social matrix formed by the combination of the three products No one can be described. However, a mistake made by Facebook founder Zuckerberg in 2016 gave ByteDance the company a trump card at the time.

In 2016, Facebook's market share in developed countries was close to saturation, and Zuckerberg turned his attention to China, the world's largest market.

According to media reports, in 2016, he discussed the acquisition with the founder of Musical.ly in Shanghai. By this time, Musical.ly was gaining popularity among the American youth.

Zuckerberg did spend a lot of effort on the acquisition of Musical.ly, and throughout the second half of 2016, he worked hard to achieve this. He even invited Zhu Jun, co-founder of Musical.ly, to the California headquarters to discuss the future with the core members of Instagram at the time.

According to foreign media reports, both Facebook and Musical.ly are serious about the acquisition. However, the deal was not finalized. Fourteen months later, Musical.ly was bounced into bytes.

"Byte Beat's acquisition of Musical.ly is obviously a case in which the transaction price is not in line with (higher than) the actual situation, but it is too common at a strategic level." Zhi Hu, the science author Yan Hao was "how Look at the headline acquisition of Musical.ly? "

"A Chinese-style, easy-to-manage team, a global market that already has mature operating experience, and this category is still the most borderless music video, which is in line with its own expansion."

After ByteDance acquired Musical.ly, it mastered an army of skilled international operations, and made great efforts in the global market, which led Facebook to make every effort to pursue and block.

Facebook's first move was imitation.

Zuckerberg knows this. At the time of the Snapchat fire, Facebook's Instagram mimicked Snapchat's story function, successfully suppressing the opponent's expansion.

In November 2018, Facebook reintroduced its old skills and launched Lasso, an independent short video product. Its interface and functions are very similar to TikTok.

Zuckerberg has miscalculated again. According to data, since the beginning of 2019, TikTok has downloaded more than 600 million in the Apple App Store and Google Play, and Lasso has only 420,000 downloads worldwide. (TikTok is only available outside China, this data has nothing to do with the Chinese market)

Zuckerberg did not give up.

Lasso failed as an independent product, and Zuckerberg tried to use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp's social user base and influence to surpass TikTok. Starting in July 2019, Instagram launched a new feature, Clips. This feature encourages users to use short videos + music to record stories in life and benchmark TikTok again.

Zuckerberg also mentioned TikTok more and more in his speeches around the world.

He once claimed that the previous Internet industry was dominated by American companies. Although China occupies the world's largest Internet market, it looks like a "parallel world". Outside companies cannot enter, and companies inside cannot go out.

Until TikTok changed it all.

Since the second half of 2019, the TikTok newsletter has been continuously: in September, the Apple App Store and Google Play ranked first in total downloads over Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat; in October, it cooperated with the National Music Awards (AMA) to achieve history For the first time, the nomination ceremony was announced through the short video platform. In another important battlefield, India, TikTok already has 200 million users and monthly active users exceeded 100 million. This region surpassed the United States and became the largest global market for TikTok.

List of global non-gaming mobile app downloads in December 2019; Source: Sensor Tower