01-17 2020   10:07:17

How to take less detours with Facebook mobile game ads?

High-quality Facebook game ads can help every game advertiser reach high-quality players around the world and get the best return on ad spend, and poor-quality ads often backfire.

Papaya Papaya Mobile is an official Facebook-approved agency and has a wealth of experience in advertising Facebook. This article will tell you one by one from each stage of the game life cycle, how high-quality game advertising strategies work, and which advertising products are suitable for each link.

Before launch-attract attention and stand out

The goal at this stage is to make your gaming application stand out in the competitive online market.

If you want to do this successfully, you should focus on creating a brand image and influence. Before the game is released, the first thing to do is to take the lead in launching brand promotion activities to build momentum for the game and gather popularity.

Essential tools

Many players will appreciate the appearance of the game. At this stage, Facebook ’s “Photo Ads” can be used to highlight exciting and exciting game features, characters, and gameplay.

Run a "carousel" containing 5 photos, select "call to action button", display different game elements, and inspire players to participate.

Use Video Ads to show trailers or great gameplay. Facebook will automatically optimize your ads based on the main goals you choose. Remember to include the right call-to-action button in your ad.


Next, use Audience Analytics to gain insights into your target audience, such as demographics, lifestyle, hobbies, and shopping information, so you can deliver more targeted advertising content.

Release period-everything is ready, ready to go

You have invested countless days and nights to design, develop, test and improve your game applications. Everything is now ready, just waiting to be released!

At this point your goal should be to attract users to discover and download your app. Get users to learn more about your players by driving users to download your app.

Essential tools

App install ads in news feeds take players directly to the app store to download your game. Test your app install ads in photo, video, and carousel formats for best results.

Understand your target audience through audience analysis. You can better understand them with the data accumulated during the pre-launch campaign.

Your user base will grow with each passing day. Once the data you've collected reaches a certain level, you can use similar audiences to find new users similar to your most valuable players.

Get the most out of reach and frequency tools. Buy predictable and independent reach for marketing campaigns and control the frequency of your presentation to reach the right people in your target audience on a large scale.

Growth period-stimulate interest and keep players

Complete funnel marketing is a cumulative process. After the efforts of Phases 1 and 2 above, you should gradually shift your focus to maintaining player interest.

Keeping your players in love with your game is the ultimate goal. To this end, every effort must be made to maintain their utilization.

Essential tools

Create custom app events to understand player interactions with the game. You can also choose to automatically create custom audiences and use app usage ads to precisely retarget users to serve ads.

App usage ads can continue to interest players. When players click on an ad in a news feed, they will jump to a specific location in the game, attracting them to take subsequent actions.

Segment your audience into different custom audiences, each group consisting of players with similar interests, usage, and buying behavior, making it easy to achieve remarketing goals.

Maturity period-promote consumption and achieve profitability

At this time, your game has gained good exposure and recognition, many users have downloaded the game, and you have accumulated a group of hardcore players who have been playing games for a long time.

At this time, players should be encouraged to pay or recharge to achieve profitability. While continuing to implement the above measures, find the most loyal players and stimulate them to pay.

Essential tools

Learn how users interact with your app across device platforms with Analytics for Facebook Apps. Focus on attracting the highest-used players to make in-app purchases, turning those players into paying players.

Continue using app events to understand how users interact with the game. Focus on identifying players who may convert to paying.

Retarget players who are more likely to pay, place custom app usage ads with a strong call to action, and promote eye-catching time-limited offers.

The above are practical placement tips brought to you by Papaya Mobile. I hope to help everyone better place ads and get higher income