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- Leading Ad Platforms with Global Coverage
Avazu operates multiple leading ad platforms globally, including Avazu APX, Avazu aNative and Avazu DSP.
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Avazu Private Exchange

- Monetization for Affiliates and Agencies
Avazu Private Exchange (APX),Avazu Private Exchange (APX) was launched in 2011, as a fully self-service and performance-driven ad platform, With proprietary technologies and top-notch experience in media buying, APX ensures top quality with solid traffic volume for direct-response advertisers.
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Avazu aNative

- Monetization for Developers
As a highly customizable ad solution, aNative offers seamless and flexible app ad integration. aNative offers multiple native ad types to find a maximum balance between user experience and monetization. With seamless native ad integration and cutting-edge ad optimization technologies, aNative aims to bring end users the best experience, and at the same time ensure developers to achieve higher eCPM and ARPU for their traffic.
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Avazu DSP

- Programmatic Advertising for Advertisers
Avazu DSP was first launched in early 2010. Being an early adaptor in programmatic advertising, Avazu DSP is committed to providing state-of-the-art performance marketing solutions to its global clientele. Avazu DSP has a global coverage of over 20 billion ad impressions daily, and is capable to process more than 1 million ad requests every second (QPS) with its proprietary prediction engines.
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Avazu Media Buying

- Significantly Improving Digital Advertising ROI
Avazu Media Buying connects you with global mainstream platforms like Facebook and Google. Through Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, and Video Ads, it allows advertisers to accurately locate core users, accelerate user conversion, retain user activity, and maintain profits. The practicality and effectiveness of Avazu Media Buying made it one of the most recognized marketing tools in the industry.
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