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DotC United Group user ecosystem focuses on the user and builds a new multi-attitude ecosystem of life, entertainment, content, social contact around user’s entire life cycle. With utility products and content entertainment products, DotC United Group improves user engagement by expanding a more dynamic eco-space, so as to enhancing mutual interaction with users. User ecosystem serves to satisfy customers’ demands, and connect hundreds of millions of users around the world at the same time, by continuously creating new values and providing them products and services with better and richer quality.
Marketing Automation
Advertising & Marketing Automation includes Avazu and Noogenesis.

Avazu is one of the leading mobile advertising product globally and an early adaptor of programmatic advertising technologies. Avazu provides advertisers a one-stop performance solution, and offers publishers and developers a full range of custom-made monetization products. Noogenesis aims to extract, analyse and predict large sets of big data to make each ad spend dollar more efficient. It manages, tracks and prevents potential data security issues.